fun bench 916 - RUCKUS

Ruckus is a new baroque band with a fresh, visceral approach to early music.  The ensemble’s debut earned widespread critical acclaim: “achingly delicate one moment, incisive and punchy the next” (The New York Times), “superb” (Opera News). Ruckus’ core members form a continuo group, the baroque equivalent of a rhythm section: guitars, keyboards, cello, bassoon and bass. The ensemble aims to fuse the early-music movement’s questing, creative spirit with the grit, groove and jangle of American roots music, creating a unique sound of “rough-edged intensity” (The New Yorker). 

Through a residency at The Da Camera Society, Ruckus will begin a long term project of envisioning “Pre-American Music,” exploring the collisions of culture in the Americas of the 17th and 18th century.

Ruckus’ debut album, a collaboration with flutist Emi Ferguson of Bach Sonatas and Preludes, will be released on Arezzo Records in 2019.